Undergraduate Student Research Conference SS’20

In April, 2020, the Department of Religious Studies held its tenth annual Undergraduate Research Symposium featuring Religious Studies students from MSU and across the state. We want to thank the participating faculty members from across Michigan, including Dr. Jon Keune (MSU), Dr. Taylor Petrey (KC), Dr. Brent Smith (GVSU), Dr. Alisa Perkins (WMU), and Dr. Guy Newland (CMU).   We held it online this year, and it was a terrific success. Below are the student presenters this year. 

Michigan State University:

Skylar Berlin

Mackenzie Meade

Mackenzie Meade

Sam Meade

Western Michigan University

Andrew Hoffman: A History of Islam Among African American Muslims in Prison: 1930-1980

Charlotte Morse: The Carceral State, African-American Muslim Faith, and Resistance

Grand Valley State University

Leigh Ann Menard: Demons and Deities: Spiritual Conceptions of Nonhuman Primates As They Relate to Population Sustainability 

Michael Snider: Sitting and the Role of Theory in Zen Practice 

Central Michigan University

Ryley Olson: For The Time Being, A Writer: Ruth Ozeki’s Autobiographical Fiction and the Transmission of the Buddhadharma 

Kalamazoo College

Justin Carlson: A Liminal Hell: Using the Work of Johann Weyer to Bridge the Gap Between Intellectualism and Belief