Michigan State University
woman with short grey hair

Amy DeRogatis

E-mail: derogat1@msu.edu
Office: 728 Wells Hall
Office phone: (517) 432-7158
Professor of Religion and American Culture

man in suit with stained glass window behind him

Chris Frilingos

E-mail: frilingo@msu.edu
Office: 729 Wells Hall
Office phone: (517) 432-0062
Professor in the Department of Religious Studies

man in front of bookshelf

Jon Keune

Office Phone number: 517-353-0830
Email: keunejon@msu.edu
Office: C735 Wells Hall
Assistant Professor of South Asian Religions

man in suit smiling at camera

Mohammad Hassan Khalil

Personal website
Office: 731 Wells Hall
Professor in Religious Studies
Director of Muslim Studies

Morgan Shipley

Email: shiple18@msu.edu
Office: 732 Wells Hall
Continuing Academic Specailist in Religious Studies

David Stowe

E-mail: stowed@msu.edu
Office: 705 Wells Hall

Office phone: 517-355-7575
Professor in English and Religious Studies

woman with large beaded necklace

Gretel Van Wieren

Office: 736 Wells Hall
Office phone: (517) 353-2930
Email: vanwie12@msu.edu
Associate Professor in Religious Studies

blond man in suit

Arthur Versluis

Email: versluis@msu.edu
Personal Homepage
Office: 733 Wells Hall
Office phone: (517) 353-2930
Chair of Religious Studies

brunette woman in pink shirt

Laura Yares

E-mail: yareslau@msu.edu
Office: C727 Wells Hall

Assistant Professor in Religious Studies

Fixed Term Faculty

man outside leaning against railing

Dustin Byrd

E-mail: byrddust@msu.edu
Personal Homepage: www.dustinjbyrd.org

spartan helmet logo

Tibebe Eshete

woman smiling brightly

Shreena Gandhi

man in suit with grey hair and beard

Jerry Lindman

Email: jlindman@msu.edu
Nonprofit Leadership Initiative

man pretending to talk to statue

Doug Sjoquist

woman with short curly hair in blue blazer

Margot Valles

Email: vallesm@msu.edu
Webpage: vallesm.msu.domains
Office: C737 Wells Hall

Faculty Emeritus

Robert T. Anderson

W. Fred Graham

John Greene 

John Hinnant

Robert McKinley

Alford Welch

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