Fall Semester 2021

Thr. Sept 9, 7-8 PM (virtual) Co-sponsored event, “Afghanistan in this Critical Moment.” Free registration through the Muslim Studies Program at MSU. 

Wed. Sept 22 at 4:30-6pm (virtual) – Jon Keune “Equality, Bhakti, and Strategic Ambiguity: a New Perspective on an Old Problem” for University of Pennsylvania South Asia Center Colloquium series.

Thr. Oct 7 at 4:30-6pm (virtual, co-sponsored by Asian Studies Center) – Dr. Joseph Ho (Assistant Professor of History, Albion College) “Graven Images: Missionary Visual Practices and Cross-Cultural Imaginations of Religion in China” – based on his forthcoming book on the neglected archive of photos and films produced by North American missionaries in early 20th-century China — a dynamic and transformative time in Chinese history.  Register here to receive the Zoom link.
Thr. Oct 7 at 7pm (virtual)  Brandon Vaidyanathan (Associate Professor and Chair of Sociology, Catholic University) “Mercenaries and Missionaries: When Global Capitalism Meets Global Catholicism” – part of the annual American Catholic Thought speaker series, administered by the College of Arts and Letters. 

Fri. Oct 8 at 1-2:30pm “The End of the World in 1844!” A tour of the MSU Millerite material culture collection with Dept. Chair Amy DeRogatis. The tour can accommodate 15 students. Please sign up in the Religious Studies office.

Tue. Nov 30 at 4:30-6pm (virtual talk, co-sponsored by Foglio Chair and Asian Studies Center/India Council) – Raj Balkaran “The Syncretic Significance of Indian Spirituality: Reflections from Working with Western Seekers” – on ways in which diverse people growing up in the West understand and interact with aspects of Indian traditions, Frichallenging what constitutes insiders, outsiders, adopters, inheritors, appropriators, etc.


Past Events

Monday, January 18, 7pm: Panel on “Macron and Islam”

Monday, January 25, 7pm: Rosemary Admiral, “Muslim Women Jurists”

Thursday, February 4th, 7pm (tentative): Ahmad Al-Jallad, “Arabia before Islam” (his focus will be religion)

Thursday, February 25, 7pm: Sean Anthony, “The Historical Muhammad”

April 8-9th, Muslim Studies Program’s annual conference. This year’s theme: “Global Islamophobia and the News Media, Entertainment Media, and Social Media.”

The Muslim Journeys program at the MSU Library which will feature the following three events:

Thursday, February 18th, 7pm: The Lover: A Sufi Mystery by Dr. Laury Silver, presented by Silvers herself

Wednesday, March 3, 7pm: I Was Their American Dream by Malika Gharib

Tuesday, March 23, 7pm: The First Muslim: The Story of Muhammad by Lesley Hazelton, led by Dustin Byrd