Graduate Certificate Program

The Nonprofit Leadership, Global Cultures, and Social Enterprise online Graduate Certificate program prepares and empowers nonprofit leaders to tackle local and global challenges through an ethical lens while building intercultural competence and knowledge of human and ecological systems. 

The Certificate is designed for professionals looking to enter the nonprofit sector or make a career change; experience leaders who already have a graduate degree; or graduate students in related fields who want to enhance their knowledge and skills related to nonprofit leadership. Choose courses from the same Nonprofit Leadership curriculum, which emphasizes building global cultural knowledge, skills such as grant writing and nonprofit governance, and career development for nonprofit employees. All credits can transfer directly to the M.A. program.

Graduate Certificate Requirements

A total of 10 credits are required for the online certificate.

Required course (2 credits)

  • REL 817 Religion, Cultural Knowledge, and Nonprofits

Complete 4 courses from the following options (8 credits)

  • REL 818 Global Religions, NGOs, and Social Change (2 credits)
  • GNL 821 Values and Ethics in Applied Leadership (2 credits)
  • GNL 822 Cross Cultural Dialogue and Collaboration (2 credits)
  • GNL 823 Social Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Religion (2 credits)
  • GNL 824 Social Entrepreneurship and Religion: Case Studies (2 credits)
  • GNL 825 Creativity in Organizations (2 credits)
  • GNL 827 Nonprofit Institutions and Civil Society in a Global Context (2 credits)
  • GNL 828 Nonprofit Governance (2 credits)
  • GNL 829 Nonprofits and the Legal Environment (2 credits)
  • GNL 830 Nonprofit and NGO Marketing and Fundraising (2 credits)
  • GNL 831 Grant-writing for Nonprofits (2 credits)
  • GNL 832 Project Management Principles for Nonprofits (2 credits)
  • GNL 855 Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning for Nonprofits (2 credits)

Program Strengths

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Grow Professional Networks

Connect with nonprofit leaders and experts to strengthen your professional networks.

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Increase Job Readiness Skills

Learn skills needed in the ever-changing nonprofit sector while building understanding in diversity, equity, and inclusion.

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Gain Cultural Competencies

Understand how cultural differences can be leveraged to advance solution-driven problem solving.

Take Courses In

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