Global Nonprofit Leadership Faculty

Jon Keune

“My study of religion grows especially out of many years living in India and Taiwan, learning languages, and engaging closely with people there, to bring to light the peculiar assumptions that shape our thinking about religion and ways that others view and interact with the world differently.”

Jerry Lindman

“My mission in teaching is to build a relevant, in-depth understanding of mission and faith based organizations’ role in societies worldwide that enables students to act on their aspirations for work and service in society.”

Jen Marcy

Jennifer Marcy

“My global nonprofit perspective and years working in higher education provides a framework for helping students to develop the necessary knowledge and skills needed to thrive within this sector and I enjoy helping others build cultural competencies to effectively engage across diverse stakeholders.”

Morgan Shipley

Morgan Shipley

“With over a decade experience working in nonprofits dedicated to improving social relationships, community possibilities, and government transparency, I seek to advance how students and future practitioners pursue transformative change through holistic approaches that chart out more directed, altruistic, and empathetic ways of being for themselves and others.”

Gretel Van Wieren

“My passion throughout my career has been to work with religious and environmental nonprofit organizations and leaders to realize how their values and visions can help make positive social change and contribute to a more just and sustainable global society.”

Arthur Versluis

 Arthur Versluis 

“With decades in higher education and more than twenty years of experience in founding, running, and being involved in nonprofits, I enjoy working with people holistically not only to learn practical skills and cultural knowledge, but also to realize a more meaningful and fulfilling life.”

Laura Yares

“I am a researcher and educator, and I have also worked in museums and international non-profits, and I look forward to working with students to help them pinpoint where in the world they want to make a difference.”