We’d like to encourage you to consider giving to Religious Studies at MSU, where there are several important needs.  One such need is scholarships for undergraduates engaged in the academic study of religion.  Your funding could make a major difference in a student’s life.   If you would like to help develop Religious Studies at MSU with an endowment for a public lecture series that would bear your name or a name of your choosing, we would be delighted to hear from you. And an endowed professorship would ensure that a particular area of scholarship would be available to students far into the future.  You can click here to offer a modest gift online directly to the Department of Religious Studies by clicking on “Arts and Letters,” and then selecting “Department of Religious Studies,” or, for a larger bequest, you can contact Christine Radtke, Development Officer for the College of Arts & Letters, here, or by calling her at 517.353.4725.

Do consider what your gift would make possible for Religious Studies and for the humanities at Michigan State University. Scholarships for undergraduates, an endowed lecture series or a professorship, a center or an institute—please give it some thought, if you have the resources and really would like to make an enduring contribution to the University and to the study of religion at Michigan State University.