The Department of Religious Studies has one of the best student-faculty ratios at Michigan State University. Our courses are taught by professors, not graduate students, and we offer students a foundational knowledge of world religions, combined with a strong liberal education that features close individual attention to each student.

Knowledge of the world’s religious traditions provides students with a valuable body of core knowledge that students feature in their resumés, and that is particularly useful in subsequent jobs that require them to be familiar with people from other cultures and backgrounds, especially overseas. To understand other peoples and cultures, one has to understand their religions. Religious Studies provides students with an authentic body of knowledge in global religions and cultures.

Range of Opportunities

We encourage students toward a major in Religious Studies to provide a genuine liberal education, with a minor in a field that represents a technical or vocational skill. That way, students receive the full benefit of the range of opportunities that Michigan State University has to offer: a fine liberal arts education, particular expertise in global religions and cultures, and some technical or vocational training.

Working with the College of Arts & Letters, we have a new internship program to place students in governmental agencies, non-profits, publishing houses, or other venues, according to the individual student’s aspirations.

Please feel free to contact us if you have particular questions—we look forward to speaking with you.