Congratulations to Dr. Jon Keune!

Dr. Jon Keune has published Shared Devotion, Shared Food: Equality and the Bhakti-Caste Question in Western India with Oxford University Press!

“This gem of a book explores the relationship between inclusive religious imagery and the hard realities of social hierarchy. In a tour de force of textual analysis, Jon Keune critically and meticulously compares multiple versions of stories about Eknath, a 16th-century bhakti saint, in plays and movies as well as in traditional texts. Using the narratives as a prism, Keune examines an astonishingly broad spectrum of topics: from the social significance of sharing food to the modern intellectual history of Eknath’s region, trends in scholarship on bhakti, and even the very notion of equality itself.” — Anne Feldhaus, Professor Emerita, Arizona State University.