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Secretary of State John Kerry said in a recent speech that, if he went back to college today, he would probably major in comparative religion.  Click through to hear the entire talk on C-SPAN.

Learning about religions means that you understand different cultures and develop a more global perspective. Religious Studies is the ideal major for those who seek a career in non-government organizations (NGOs), non-profit organizations, government, or international corporations, where a deeper understanding of cultures is essential to furthering organizational aims and your future career. Interested in obtaining a major or minor in Religious Studies? Explore your interest by enrolling in our classes.

To study religion is to develop cultural knowledge that will be of value both to you and to your future employer. It’s easy to declare your major or minor. For all the information you need, just click here for the current program requirements for a majorhere for a general minor, and here for a minor in Religion in the Americas.  You can follow all requirements, including those of the College of Arts and Letters (like language proficiency at a 202 level or higher), in Degree Navigator, the official MSU means of monitoring your progress toward your degree. 

To declare a major or a minor in Religious Studies, all you need to do is send an email with your intention along with your PID number via your official MSU email address to Ashley Housler at housler@msu.edu, and cc: Dr. Morgan Shipley, professor and advisor, at shiple18@msu.edu They’ll make sure you’re officially enrolled, and Dr. Shipley will be happy to meet with you. .