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Congratulations Josh Schnell on winning the Bienecke Award and the NSF award! Josh was the only undergraduate at MSU to win either award!

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Congratulations to Religious Studies majors Josh Schnell and Rachel Rossow who presented research from the soundmap project at the Undergraduate Network for Research in the Humanities at Davidson College last weekend!



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Students in REL 491 with Dr. DeRogatis learning to edit audio clips for The Religious Sound Project of the Global Midwest.

Photo by: Mike Jenkins




 College of Arts and Letters Awards Convocation | April 2014

Department Chair Dr. Arthur Versluis presented Dakota Riehl, Julia Johnson, and Abbey Doyle



Religious Studies Undergraduate Research Conference | April 2014

(From left to right) Micah Zylstra, Julia Johnson, Lauren Link, Elizabeth Robins, and David Carlisle


Spring 2014 | Students from Prof. Frilingos' REL 420, Birth of Christianity course who took a field trip to UM. The person in the center is Professor Arthur Verhoogt, Professor of Papyrology and Greek at the University of Michigan. He was host and guide. The students saw ancient papyri, some of which contains the earliest copies we posses of the Pauline Letters of the New Testament.


Dr. Mathias Guenther, Wilfred Laurier University | April 2014


Dr. Norman Wirzba, Duke University | March 2014

photo_album7.jpgphoto_album8.pngB. Alan Wallace | March 2014

Religious Studies Career Fair | January 2014


Seyyed Hossein Nasr | March 2013


Religion & Forestry Luncheon | Spring 2013