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I received my Ph.D. in 2017 from MSU’s department of philosophy, wherein I worked on the Frankfurt School’s Critical Theory of Religion. I specialized in political and social philosophy, philosophy of religion as well as the critical theory of religion (Frankfurt School). My M.A. and B.A. are from Western Michigan University, were I studied Comparative Religion.


My principle interests are in contemporary Islamic thought, Critical Theory, philosophy of race, and Jewish, Christian, and Muslim relations. 


My recent books include “Unfashionable Objections to Islamophobic Cartoons: L’affaire Charlie Hebdo” (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2017), “Islam in a Post-Secular

Society: Religion, Secularity and the Antagonism of Recalcitrant Faith” (Brill, 2016), “A Critique of Ayn Rand’s Philosophy of

Religion: The Gospel According to John Galt” (Lexington Books, 2015), and “Ayatollah Khomeini and the Anatomy of the Islamic Revolution in

Iran: Towards a Theory of Prophetic Charisma (University Press of America, 2011). I also co-edited “Ali Shariati and the Future of Social Theory: Religion, Revolution and the Role of the Intellectual” 

(Brill, 2017), and “Malcolm X: From Political Eschatology to Religious Revolutionary” (Brill, 2016). I’m currently working on a critique of the religious and philosophical origins of the New Right in Europe and the Alt-Right in the United States, from the perspective of the Frankfurt School’s Critical Theory. I am also editing a new volume on Frantz Fanon, which will be published by Brill in 2019.