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JON KEUNE                        

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 Assistant Professor of South Asian Religions


 Office Phone number: 517-353-0830

  Email: keunejon@msu.edu

                                                 Office: C735 Wells Hall  


 Ph.D., Columbia University, 2011 

 M.Div., Princeton Theological Seminary, 2002 

 B.A., St. Olaf College, 1997 


Devotional Hinduism (bhakti), social history, caste and reform, medieval Marathi literature, modern Buddhism in India, Hindu-Christian encounter, construction of religious traditions, historiography.



Prior to joining MSU in 2015, Jon Keune was a postdoctoral fellow in the India Studies program at the University of Houston and in the Centre for Modern Indian Studies at the University of Göttingen in Germany.  His main field of research is in west-central India, where he lived for several years, and he has comparative interests in central Europe and East Asia.

Keune focuses on the development of popular, devotional (bhakti) Hindu traditions, especially the Varkari tradition and its hagiographical literature in Marathi between the sixteenth century and the present.  He is working on a book manuscript, Shared Devotion, Shared Food: the Riddle of Bhakti and Caste in Western India, about the tension of bhakti traditions between observing caste boundaries and spiritual equality.  Keune has published several articles in journals, edited books, and encyclopedias about Hindu devotionalism, Marathi hagiography, Hindu-Christian encounters, and German orientalism.  He co-founded the Regional Bhakti Scholars Network, a platform which brings together scholars of various Indian regions and languages to explore patterns in literatures, traditions, and theologies that come under the umbrella of devotional Hinduism.  Keune is also working on a project on new connections between Dalit (ex-Untouchable) Buddhists in India and Buddhists in Japan and Taiwan.



REL 101 Exploring Religion 

REL 301 Theories and Methods 

REL 340 Hinduism

REL 350 Buddhism in South Asia

REL 441 Devotional Hinduism